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Information Governance Consulting
EMRY provides strategic guidance to establish effective information governance frameworks, aligning with organizational goals and industry best practices.
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Records Inventory Management
At EMRY, we expertly organize and catalog records for easy retrieval, storage, and disposal. We create comprehensive inventories capturing record types, locations, and statuses, streamlining Records Management.
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Training and Education
EMRY offers tailored training programs empowering organizations with effective records management skills. Our programs cover best practices, compliance, system usage, and information security protocols, enhancing organizational proficiency in Records Management.
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Retention Schedule Development
EMRY excels in designing customized retention schedules aligned with legal needs. These schedules guide retention, optimizing storage and compliance costs.
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Compliance and Risk Management
EMRY specializes in guiding organizations through regulatory compliance, mitigating risks in records management. We assess compliance gaps, implement legal measures, and devise strategies to address risks like data breaches.
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Content Services
EMRY expertly analyzes technical needs, conducting thorough assessments and providing tailored recommendations. We guide seamless transitions, aiding in vendor selection and ensuring smooth content services platform implementation.
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