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About EMRY Records Management


“It’s Records Management, not rocket science.” That’s the mindset that launched EMRY Records Management.

EMRY is a consulting firm founded by three leading industry experts who recognized that companies were making Records Management more difficult than necessary. In 2022, we joined forces to simplify compliance and unlock the value of efficient RM programs for companies.

At EMRY, we specialize in streamlining and simplifying Records Management for enterprises by providing comprehensive support to establish foundational RM program elements that consistently achieve superior results. With our deep industry expertise, our goal is to help companies like yours shift from reactive to proactive strategies, enabling you to focus on your core strengths and leadership roles within your field.


Meet the team at EMRY that puts in the work to make sure your Records Management operations are compliant and up to speed.

JP Mays, Founder and CEO of EMRY Records Management, brings  25+ years of experience in Records and Electronic Information Management across Energy, Real Estate, and Telecom sectors. Recognized for leadership, technical expertise, and aligning Legal and IT for successful enterprise solutions.

John Paul Mays


Carlos brings 19+ years of expertise as a leader in Hospitality, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing to EMRY. Since June 2023, he has driven operational excellence by aligning processes with industry benchmarks, collaborating on personalized records management solutions, and enhancing processes. His extensive business development and sales experience, with a strong focus on marketing strategies, significantly contributed to EMRY’s growth.

Carlos Zilm

Chief Operating Officer

David Anderson, an adept technology, and operations leader, excels in C-level strategy and vision-building. His career features successful turnarounds and growth. Proficient in high-level planning and project delivery, David blends innovative problem-solving and sales leadership for exceptional outcomes. literacy within teams, and has a strong record of surmounting technical challenges to meet project goals.

David Anderson

Founding Partner

Ryan Zilm, an accomplished executive leader with 28+ years of specialized expertise in data strategy, risk management, and information governance. Through strategic business development and operational refinement, he has spearheaded enterprise-wide initiatives, culminating in significant multi-million-dollar cost-savings and inducted by ARMA international into the company of fellows in October 2022.

Ryan Zilm



We envision a world where all enterprises—regardless of size—have a records management program that makes their lives easier, and is respected by everyone at their organization.

We keep it simple.
We streamline records management programs so that you can maintain information compliance.

We think strategically.
We assess your situation without preconceived notions to create an effective, intuitive records management program that meets your needs.

We listen.
We communicate with stakeholders every step of the way to create records management
programs that are easy for everyone to use and understand.

We operate with integrity.
Honesty is the best policy. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear